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It is history...

A long history of two centuries: the history of the Vanelli family’s marble.

The history of the Vanelli family’s marble began in 1818, when Duchess Maria Beatrice d’Este granted the Vanelli family the right to excavate the white marble of Carrara. Since the nineteenth century, the Vanelli quarry supplied marble for the construction of public works in the most important European capitals. In 1890 the creation of the marble railway was completed: cut with ancient artisan techniques, the marble blocks took the sea road, on wonderful sailing ships, crossing oceans and rivers, to enter the heart of the cities.


Aldo Vanelli acquired the family quarry in 1960, the quarry Zone 67, Mossa area.

In 1960 Aldo Vanelli acquired the quarry owned by the family, called Zona67 - Zona Mossa, in the Bettogli mount and since 2011 the Vanelli family also owns the quarry nr. 66 Poggio Silvestre. Today, with the advent of robotics and the latest techniques that allow endless cutting solutions, it is possible to realize complex artworks and special projects. Fiammetta Vanelli is the successor of this extraordinary heritage, the feminine declination of a long family tradition.

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