Azzará Home is an Italian company of furniture and architectural design founded in 2021. A partnership between architects and sustainable engineers to create sophisticated and exotic art that accelerates the path of investing in craftsmanship, made exclusively by Italian hands. 

The founder's vision to intelligently invest in luxury consciously was transitioning into the idea of sustainable consumerism and exclusivity. Investor and entrepreneur by blood, perhaps a romanticist when it comes to art. Art has always been a very important part of her life, specially of historical significance, her passion for old and rich heritage has caught up her attention even as a child. Following her education focusing on Business Administration and Economics at Harvard Business School, she continues to target smart investments, such as Renossance Inc. proudly one of her first start-ups: a fashion idea turned into a successful online store. Eventually the business was sold in 2022 for bigger opportunities in Italy. She is decided to turn Azzará Home a success and build a conscious empire of honesty, trust and Italian excellency.

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